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Acne Stories
To Inform And Inspire You To Success!

Find Acne stories here to inspire you fight this skin condition! See how boys and girls like you faced acne and won the battle. Reflect on these acne experiences. Get inspired!

Acne. It respects no beauty, age or race.

Just when you should be glowing like a billion stars with no spots or dent is when acne strikes best.

The frustration it brings runs deep. More so if you have been battling to overcome it. All the home remedies your friends swore by heaven would work as as good as a glass of water poured into a burning bush. You've been to your doctor and the trial and error continues.

Is there nobody who have succeeded in treating her acne at my age? You asked.

Yes. Lots. I am one of such and your acne would find cure too. Do not be disheartened. We bring you acne stories from real boys and girls like you and how they overcome their acne.

True Acne Stories

1. As Told By Roli

acne foreheadFew spots on forehead

I woke up one morning when I was age 11 and found my face invaded by three to four bumps on my forehead.

I scratched at them and I did not think anything of them until a few weeks later, my whole face got covered by these painful red spots.

Mum called them pimples and told me they are signs that I am growing into adulthood.

As I turned up in class the following days and weeks, I get all types of comments, sympathies as well as sarcastic comments. As the term went by, my acne spread from my face to my chest and back.

I tried washing my face at every opportunity I had and applied toothpaste, lime and anything I could get my hands on, in a bid to have them cleared. The more I tried, the more they became worse.

I was eventually taken to see a doctor. She prescribed me some cream and antibiotic. The first night I took the antibiotic - erythromycin, I had severe upper stomach pain like I have never had all my life. I vomited profusely.

Mum took me back to see the doctor and she examined my tummy and said I might have developed irritation of my stomach lining from taking erythromycin and that medication was stopped. She then put me on Lymecycline, 408 mg once daily for 3 months initially. She also gave me a cream, Duac.

The first few nights, I develop dryness on my neck and itching. The pimples where clearing - at least not as bad as they where initially. When I went back to see the doctor, she advised that I should continue using the cream despite the dryness and peeling on my neck. She said they would get better if I persisted. Sure, it did.

At the end of the 4th month on Lymecycline, my acne is better, but still there. I went back to see the doctor, and she planned putting me on Accutane. My Dad objected to that, due to it's side effects.

Eventually, I got a doctor who instead of using accutane, decided to put me on a combination of Tactupump (Adapalene plus benzyl peroxide combination) and Trimethoprim tablets, 200mg twice daily. I used this combination medications for only 3 months and my acne disappeared. After I stopped the antibiotics - Trimethoprim, it came back again, but I was then placed on only the Tactopump and that got rid of my acne! It's been over a year now and I remain acne free. I am glad I did not give up.

2. As Told By Najullah Garcia

When I turned 13 years old my Life changed, like a good many people I have been the victim of acne vulgaris (what an appropriate name I just called it bad acne) the medical term for pimples. It has made me aggravated, made me cry, and made me angry, lonely and really hated myself.

Millions of people each year are afflicted by it, and it makes recluses

out of a good many teenagers. It doesn't just affect teenagers I still get acne and I in my forties and I have some friends that just started getting acne as adults.

I was told that acne is caused when your pores get clogged and the fatty material made by the sebaceous gland accumulates, and a "bump" appears under the skin-or perhaps a whitehead or a blackhead (a come done). Not only does it sound bad it is bad. Blackheads are not caused by dirt but by the discoloring effect of air on the fatty material in the clogged pore.

Acne , I was also told, has a little to do with diet, I change my eating habits and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and I still had it.

As anyone can tell you the worst thing to do is to push or "pop" a pimple. I used to do this and believe me it seems to work but its not worth it cause you can scar your face bad.

Because this will not only cause more, but can result in life long scars. No matter what you see on TV or a friend tells you, don't pop a pimple. I know, I made the mistake and I'm still regretting it. But there is hope, I finally found something that works.

But not too long ago I discovered a way to lessen the intensity of my outbreaks, although it stops short of completely curing them. But it keeps them on the down low and you really start to feel good about yourself.

Changing you eating habits can help fight acne. I totally avoid grain products, most

especially bread, corn, cereal, and other pastries, (also potatoes) and to still get all my vitamins I add wheat germ and brewer's yeast to yogurt or milk and fruit. Brewer's yeast does take time to acquire a taste to however, and can be found at most if not all Health food stores.

Also cutting down on fatty foods helps a lot. Acne is not a joke the above methods may appeal to you or it may not. Use your own judgment and see what is right for you. Once you get rid of your acne,  your life will change.  I know my has; I have more confidence now

My Very Own Acne Experience

I had terrible acne when growing up. The effect on my self confidence then are still fresh in my mind. The trial and error with medications must be so well familiar, if you suffer with this problem. But it shouldn't be so. Acne is easy to cure, if the type and grade of acne is correctly identified. There are literally hundreds of medications out there for acne, spots, "zits" and pimples.

My aim is to guide you through the best treatment options for your acne. From the latest medical evidence based skin care tips to top acne treatments, over the counter and prescription only acne medications, we will do the very best we can for you. This  is a free acne resource online. Feel free to send in queries and questions on acne and we will endeavor to respond to such within 4 to 5 working days.

Remember, your battle with acne can be overcome. You are not alone. We are here for you. You can get latest updates and info on best treatment options on acne by subscribing to our newsletter below. Just leave us your name and email and we will send you quality tips and updates to help you win the battle with acne.

Acne Stories: So What Is Your Very Own Acne Story? Share It Here!

Do you suffer with acne? What has your experience been? How many doctors did you need to see before you started getting some headway with treatment? Or are you still looking for a cure? Sure. Every acne has a story. We would really love to hear your very own acne story. Share it here!

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