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Are you looking to speak with a doctor over the telephone or via secured video connection on an online consultation, need a sick note, contraceptive advice, referral to a specialist, request a test, or just want a quick advice on a specific health concern?

Book a consult with Dr. Edema online now. 

You know how it is...

You are at work or home on a cold day and do not want to go out to that appointment:

  • for a medication refill 
  • or get requisition for blood test 
  • or need to discuss a non-urgent medical condition with your doctor.

You think about the drive, the time, the fuel and the queue. 

  • Perhaps it would take you another two weeks before you could book an appointment with your doctor. 
  • Or worst still, you have not been able to find a family doctor. 
  • Or you are looking for regularity at your own time and want to have a personal doctor who truly cares about your health, to discuss your health issues with and perhaps get ongoing health coaching?

All the above and more are no longer out of the realms of reality.  

We make it simple for you to get quality care with a doctor on your schedule.

Conditions We Treat

We provide you with the same level of quality care you would expect from a face-to-face appointment with your family doctor for most medical conditions, including:

  • 1-On-1 Health Coaching
  • Birth Control or Plan B
  • Chronic Pain Consult
  • Filling Out Forms
  • Men's Health
  • Nutritional Medicine Consult
  • Prescription Renewal (no controlled substances or sleeping pills, please)
  • Referral for Physiotherapy/Massage therapy, or podiatry prescriptions.
  • Referral to a Specialist
  • Review My Recent Lab Results
  • Sick Note
  • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Symptoms
  • Virtual Care Medical Consult For Unknown Diagnosis
  • Weight Loss Monitoring
  • Women's Health Consult
  • First Consultation For Out of Country (Non-Canadian) Patients.

Can't find the condition you are looking for help with? Contact us directly. 

How It Works

Provide A Few Info 

  • Select from the list of medical conditions 
  • Schedule your appointment
  • Fill out a questionnaire to help us understand your health situation better

Start Your Consult

  • Once it is your turn, you will receive a call from your doctor
  • This is a secured connection built with the protection of privacy at its core

Get Your Prescription

  • If a prescription is necessary, we will fax it to your preferred pharmacy or therapist. Be sure to provide the fax number before your consult. 

When filling out the questionnaire, provide as much information as possible, especially on important domains like your past medical history, any recent hospitalizations, a full list of medications you currently use and if you have any medication allergies. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us before booking your consult. 

* Please note that we only deal with one medical issue in one consult. 

Your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We always strive for excellence.  Your satisfaction with the care we provide is very important to us. 

We guarantee that you will be happy with your experience using our online consultation platform with Dr. Edema. 

If in the unlikely event that you are not completely happy with your experience, we will refund your consultation fee, 100%. No quibbles. No questions asked. 

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