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Providing You Professional Grade Vitamins and Supplements 

Fullscript professional grade vitamins and supplements ensure you get only top quality products to boost your health and prevent diseases. You can create an account here and get your supplements delivered directly to your home or office.  

We are big on holistic and preventive health.

Here at, we recommend the use of selected vitamins and supplements to our readers. And we want to make sure you get only top quality professional grade vitamins.

If like many Canadians you struggle to get a stable supply of quality vitamins or supplements, we have partnered with one of the best places to buy supplements online in Canada, Fullscript, bring you easy access to critical vitamins and supplements to boost your health. 

Why Fullscript?

The world is changing.

We can no longer depend on treating our way out of diseases with prescription medications only.

Waiting to be ill before using medicines would be like waiting to crash a car and be injured, then call in paramedics to the rescue. Wouldn't it be better if we make sure we do everything to prevent such a crash in the first place? Like seeing to it that the car is in a good state of repair, the road is safe to drive on and that speed limits are observed, etc?

That is what the judicious use of selected vitamins and supplements does for your health. It prevents diseases rather than comes to the rescue only after an illness occurs. Medical journals are full of incontrovertible evidence that appropriate use of certain vitamins and supplements works and do prevent some diseases, despite what you might have heard from some healthcare providers. 

A better understanding of oxidative stress - the very mechanism that causes almost all diseases has highlighted the importance of preventive and integrative approach to healthcare. Holistic medicine is here to stay and vitamins and supplements play a huge role.

As more and more evidence continues to show the benefits of the use of vitamins in the prevention and treatment of health conditions like high cholesterol, erectile dysfunction, stroke, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's dementia, cancers, fibromyalgia, macular degeneration, to name only a few, the need for vitamins and supplements will become more apparent. 

You can be ahead of the game by including the regular use of supplements and vitamins as part of your healthcare plan. Take essential vitamins regularly. 

Fullscript is a platform trusted and used by over 25,000 doctors and healthcare professionals across Canada and the USA to provide patients with professional-grade vitamins and supplements - so you are sure that you are getting the quality you deserve.

Here are some reasons why we have selected and recommended Fullscript for all your vitamins and supplement needs:

Access to a huge selection of supplements strictly vetted

Fullscript Strict Product VettingFullscript Strict Product Vetting

Fullscript’s extensive catalogue of health products gives you the opportunity to choose between many different well-known brands.

Fullscript understands that different practitioners prescribe different types of supplements and brands to users. As a result, the system works efficiently to ensure that all of the products that practitioners may prescribe are available in the inventory.Currently,

Fullscript features over 20,000 professional grade supplements from various brands and the numbers just keep growing. With this extensive catalog and their great prices, you can be certain that you’ll be able to find any supplement you need to feel healthy on a daily basis.

You will be getting your supplements directly from experts who truly know and breathe supplements, getting you only the best quality out there. No fakes. Only supplements from vetted companies. 

Fullscript uses a rigorous vetting process to ensure product quality and efficacy.

Suppliers and products go through comprehensive tests to ensure they are of the highest standards. Everything is scrutinized from the credentials of staff members, right through to the supplier’s production processes.

They also check for compliance with international regulatory bodies and device accreditation where the supplier uses technology to produce health products.

In addition to supplements, other products such as skin creams, toothpastes, cosmetics, body and face washes, specialty foods, household cleaners etc., can also be ordered directly from Fullscript.

100% HIPAA Compliance

Fullscript is fully HIPAA compliant.

If you didn't know, HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) is important to you in 3 key aspects:

  • Privacy of health information: The law requires HIPAA compliant health organizations to implement multiple safeguards to protect your personal and health information. They must control who has access to your health information and who that information is shared with. 
  • Notification of breaches of medical records: Under HIPAA, health organizations are required to notify you in the event your health data is compromised or stolen. This allows you to take necessary action to minimize the risk of you becoming a victim of identity theft or fraud.
  • Right to obtain copies of healthcare data: HIPAA regulation ensures that you are able to obtain copies of your health information. This may come in handy when you want to check whether your data has been recorded accurately. Obtaining copies of your data will also help to provide your full health history when seeking treatment from new practitioners.

Provides Advisory Support To Patients

On Fullscript, everyone that needs advice about their supplement plan or wish to discuss possible side-effects, can get answers quickly and discreetly.

The platform connects you directly to your medical practitioner who can offer expert advice, diagnose, resolve problems and help with new, modified and repeat prescriptions.

Patients who require medication can also buy medicines online, while those who require multiple medications can get professional instructions on dosage.

You will find Fullscript to be the best approach when it comes to professional grade supplements.

Being a fully registered company in Canada, they adhere to the standards set by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) and strive to offer the best professional pharmaceutical retail services and products.

While Fullscript is a revolutionary online platform designed to dispense reliable quality supplements, they are more than just that.

They provide a secure and convenient platform that is accessible from mobile devices, offer useful features that help you follow your supplement plan, and give useful ongoing support tools.

Common Conditions You Will Find Supplements For

You will find professional-grade supplements and vitamins on Fullscript for the following conditions and more:

  • Adrenal Support
  • Allergies
  • Anxiety Support
  • Blood Sugar Support
  • Bone Support
  • Candida Support
  • Cardiovascular Support
  • Cholesterol Support
  • Cortisol (Stress) Support
  • Digestive Support
  • Immune Support
  • Inflammation Support
  • Joint Health
  • Liver Detoxification
  • Men's Health
  • Methylation Support
  • Neurological Support
  • Prenatal Support
  • Sleep Support 
  • Thyroid Support and 
  • Women's Health.

If you suspect you might need help with any of the above supports, be sure to discuss with your healthcare provider and see if trying supplements and vitamins would help. 

How To Create An Account With Fullscript

You can create your Fullscript account here now, in three easy steps and browse their catalogue for a specific type of professional-grade vitamin or supplement. 

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