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Panoxyl Bar
The Two In One Acne Treatment

panoxyl bar

Panoxyl bar or panoxyl cleansing bar is a combination of benzoyl peroxide (panoxyl) and a cleansing agent with detergent action.

The incorporated detergent helps to cleanse the skin, reduce oil (sebum) concentration that plugs skin pores, and then makes the action of the acne medication (panoxyl) more enhanced.

Panoxyl bar is best used for very troublesome chest and back acne.

This acne cleansing bar comes in mainly two strength formulations:

  1. Panoxyl Bar 5% and
  2. Panoxyl Bar 10%

If you must use if for facial acne, it is wise to start with the 5% strength, and use it say once or twice a day, or even on alternate days and see how it works on your face. You can then gradually increase the frequency of use up to three times a day.

Panoxyl bar 10% is perfect for chest and back acne, either on its own, or in combination with an oral antibiotic like clindamycin or erythromycin plus retinoid cream.

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