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Buy Piriton Allergy Medication
Delivered From UK Registered Online Chemist

Buy piriton (trade name for the allergy medication known as chlorphenamine, also known as chlor trimeton or pollenase) online here from a UK fully registered and regulated online chemist at the click of your mouse and get it delivered to your door.

You can get piriton or chlor trimeton (or pollenase) over the counter, in tablet, liquid or syrup form. They all contain the same active ingredient called chlorphenamine. Chlorphenamine is an antihistamine medication used in the treatment of hives, allergies, pricky heat, and hay fever.

Itchy eyes, running nose, throat irritating, sneezing a lot? That sounds very much like hay fever. Piriton may be just what you need for a start.

It is also used in the control of itching associated with chicken pox rash, insect bites, or general itchiness of unknown cause, while you seek medical help to find the cause of itching.

Chlorphenamine or pollenase is also used as a combination medication in the treatment of severe form of allergy called anaphylaxis.

If you are using piriton tablet or syrup, take care to check that you are not also using other "cold" medicine bought over the counter that might already has piriton in it as well.

Piriton or chlorpheniramine or chlorphenamine is frequently found as a component of many medications taken for cold and hay fever, and can be bought in many country, including the UK without a prescription for adults and children up to the age of 6. For younger children, it is best administered only on the advise of a qualified healthcare provider.

Where To Buy Piriton

You can buy piriton from reputable online chemist in the UK.

Piriton injection is only available as a prescription only medication, meaning you will need to get a prescription from a qualified and licensed physician.

If you pay for prescriptions, then buy piriton online or over the counter, as this might turn out cheaper for you. Wondering how much or

what price piriton tablets could cost? You can get a packet of this medicine from as little as £2.49 and get it delivered to your door. You could even buy this along with other items and save money on delivery cost.

Places where you could buy piriton online safely include:

  • Express Chemist.
    They are an international online pharmacy, based in the United Kingdom, fully licensed to sell quality medications. The can deliver to any country on earth. You can click here now to get your piriton tablet or syrup delivered to your door, any where in the world!
  • Online Chemist.
    You can buy piriton online from Amazon Chemist if you prefer and get it delivered to you too.

Piriton Dose & Side Effects

Piriton is an antihistamine very effective in the treatment of allergic conditions. The right dose of medication needs to be taken though, to benefit from the best effect, and minimise side effects. The main side effects of piriton is drowsiness or hyperactivity in children.

We bring you the treatment dose for piriton as well as highlights the maximum dose of piriton allowed in each age bracket. This maximum dose is what is allowed in any 24 hour period.

  • The adult dose of is one 4mg tablet four to six hourly.
  • For children aged 1 month to 2 years, they can take 1mg of piriton syrup (comes as 2mg in a 5ml quantity. 2.5mls of piriton syrup contains 1mg of piriton). This dose is given twice a day only.
  • Children aged 2 to 6 years, they can take a dose of 1mg (2.5mls of piriton syrup) four to six hourly, an dno more than a combined or piriton maximum dose of 6mg (that is, no more than 6 aliquots of 2.5mls in this age group)
  • For children aged 6 to 12 years, the recommended dose of piriton for them is 2mg (5mls of piriton syrup) every 4to 6 hours, and no more than 12mls total
  • Children 12 years and above can take 4mg of piriton every 4-6 hours like adults, and no more than a piriton maximum dose of 24mg in 24 hours.

Medication that needs to be taken 4-6hourly can be spaced out and taken in any 4 to 6 hourly period during waking time. For easy of administration, you can take such medicine at 8am, 12mid day, 4pm and 10pm.

Where ever you buy piriton from, please ensure you get quality medication by getting it from only certfied online chemist, and not just any online medication store.

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Are you thinking of using piriton, or did you just use it? Have a comment to share? Do you think you are having a side effect of chlorphenamine you want to report here for others to look out for, or just a question on the use of this anti-histamine? Share it here!

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