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Does Piriton Work With Hives?
Understanding The Causes & Treament Of Hives

Does piriton work with hives? This is another frequently asked question on piriton. The answer is yes. Piriton is used to treat hives. It is not all cases of hives that is safe to treat with piriton only. Find how you can get hives - what causes hives, it's diagnosis and treatment here.

Hives are red raised bumpy rash associated with allergies or non-allergic triggers like extremes of temperature and is commonly also referred to as nettle rash or urticaria.

These rashes are characteristically flat with raised red edges or borders and flat pale central part, and occur in different sizes.

Hives could occur due to a mild reaction or could also be part of potentially serious allergic reaction.


They could be intensely itchy and sometimes spread all over the body, especially on the chest, abdomen and forearms. They tend to develop very rapidly within minutes. With or without treatment, most hives rash will go on their own within hours to a few days.

In some cases though, hives could last for up to 6 weeks, and are referred to as chronic urticaria or chronic hives.

If you have hives with associated swelling of the lips, or tongue or difficulty in breathing, this is a very serious emergency and you will need to go to the doctor immediately. Call an ambulance!

What Causes Hives?

The causes of hives or urticaria (nettle rash) could be due to an allergy or non allergic reaction.Whether allergy or not, hives are believed to be brought on due to the release of histamine and some other chemicals from the blood cells leading to the skin changes associated with hives.

The common causes of hives in children and adults include:

  • Contact with a plant or nettle while walking in th epark or bush
  • Insect bite or sting
  • Allergy to food such as eggs, nuts, fish, strawberry or seafoods
  • Allergy to medication
  • Exposure to extremes of temperature like on a very hot day, a very hot bath or even too cold drink or winter
  • Emotional distress
  • Vigorous exercise or exertion
  • Sunlight (some people just com eup with hives on very sunny days
  • Intense vibration
  • Idiopathic - these are those in which the trigger or cause will never be identified

Treatment of Hives

How do you cure hives? Does piriton work with hives? These are the two questions we shall now turn our attention to.

The treatment for hives depends on whether it is a mild hives or a severe hives been part of an anaphylaxis or angioedema.

Hives associated with facial, lip or tongue swelling, or funny feeling in the throat, or wheezing or difficulty in breathing is not one that you need to treat at home or by your self. You will need to get medical help immediately. It could mean life and death.

Thankfully, most of the time though, hives comes and goes by itself, without requiring any treatment.

If you are concerned or have widespread hives, then you can start treating it with the use of anti histamines. Piriton is one of such anti histamines. It comes in as a tablet, syrup for children or even cream for uricaria and hives.

So, depending on how severe your reaction is, you might get relief with the pririton, experiencing first hand, answer to the question, does piriton work with hives?

You can buy piriton here from a reputable online pharmacy and know you are getting quality medication for your hive.

But what happens if or when you have an allergic reaction and piriton does not work; what do you do? Don't despair! There are plenty of alternatives. If the allergy is not severe, you can try another antihistamine like loratidine or fexofenadine (very good for hayfever). In severe cases, you may need to be put on steriod tablets (like prednisolone) or injections (like hydrocortisone) by your doctor, as well as given adrenaline injection or epipen, if deemed necessary.

What's your experience with piriton. We would love to hear from you.

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